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# Introduction

I'm a software engineer who loves working with passionate teams to build best-in-class products. My experience extends across a wide range of industries including healthcare, finance, online retail, fitness tech and digital marketing.

I value companies that are driven by a mission to do good, committed to equitable hiring practices, and take the time to invest in new talent, as well as current employees.

# Background

Over the last decade, I've worked on a variety of application architectures including stateless APIs, server-rendered applications, static sites, analytics dashboards, single page applications, microservices, 3rd party integrations and open source developer tools.

My curiosity resonates across the tech stack, including in-depth experience with UX/UI, frontend frameworks, backend web servers, cloud architecture, server administration, asychronous job processing, ETL pipelines, and data analytics.

I have specialized experience working with Laravel, Vue.js, Google Cloud Platform and MySQL, but my interests extend into Go, Node.js, gRPC, and Kubernetes.

# Work Experience

# Premier Healthcare Management

Lead Software Engineer Apr 2018 - Present

Lead engineer at a growing healthcare management startup with a mission to increase access to quality healthcare for poor and underserved communities. Leading the transition from a bootstrapped monolithic Laravel application to secure, reliable and scalable infrastructure. Managing a team of 10 engineers and non-technical staff. Direct report to the CEO.

  • Maintaining and refactoring core Laravel application
  • Prototyping decoupled features into microservices with gRPC and GKE
  • Single Page Application architecture with Vue.js
  • Data Dictionary, Business Glossary & ERDs of relational MySQL database
  • Lightweight workflow automation on G-Suite with Google Apps Script
  • End-to-end security audit, risk management and vulnerability assessment

Competencies & Technology

  • Claims Processing, Practice Management, EDI 837 Transaction Sets, HIPPA, Intergy EHR
  • Laravel, Vue.js, MySQL, AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, gRPC, Cloud Build, Cloud Monitoring

# Omni Holding Company

Sr. Software Engineer, Pure Studio Aug 2017 - Apr 2018

  • Developed Algolia Search integration with multi-tenancy support
  • Integrated Facebook authentication on customer-facing site
  • Implemented admin components with React, Redux and Material Design
  • Led team's adoption of backend unit testing and integration testing
  • Implemented interactive API documentation with Postman

Competencies & Technology

  • Studio Management, POS System Integration, ANT-enabled devices
  • Laravel, React, Redux, GCP, Algolia

# Tipsy Elves

Software Engineer Nov 2015 - Aug 2017

Developed a custom e-commerce platform designed to serve 3M+ users and process millions of dollars in annual revenue. Designed REST API architecture with more than 227 endpoints and 92% functional coverage. Implemented hundreds of components across more than 90 pages using Laravel and Vue.js. Deployed with Google Cloud Load Balancer, Compute Instances, Cloud SQL and high-memory Redis caching.

Competencies & Technology

  • Inventory Management, Pricing & Discounts, Fulfillment, Email Marketing, Mobile-First Design
  • Magento, Laravel, Vue.js, Vuex, Compute Engine, Cloud SQL, Cloud Load Balancer

# Rescue Social Change Group

Integrated Marketing Specialist May 2014 - Nov 2015

Managed a team of developers, marketers, and designers launching digital public health campaigns across the country. Developed internal software tools for managing paid ad campaigns and social promotions.

Competencies & Technology

  • Public Health, Paid Social, User Generated Contests, Web Design
  • Laravel, HTML, CSS, Facebook API, Google Apps Script
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