I’m Joel Brubaker. I live in San Diego, where I build software.

From the earliest days I can remember, I've been driven by a passion to build and create. This journey took me from self-taught developer roots to graduating from Berkeley, embodying both the spirit of innovation and the rigors of academia.

My love for tackling challenging problems has always pushed me to extend my boundaries, especially in collaborative environments where the goal is to ship impactful solutions. Being startup-driven, I thrive in fast-paced scenarios where every day counts towards making a tangible difference.

Over the last decade, I've navigated the delicate balance between designing resilient software for the future and adopting a pragmatic approach to address the immediate needs of today. This evolution reflects not just in my professional endeavors but also in my personal growth.

I'm currently a Lead Software Engineer with Mayfair, where we are building the future of cash management for venture-backed startups, and creator of the SpaceTraders API, a popular programming game for aspiring developers.