Breaking the Bubble: Road Trip to Arches National Park

Adventure Awaits - A Family Road Trip to Arches National Park

After many months cooped up due to the pandemic, we decided it was high time to stretch our legs and see something other than the inside of our house in San Diego. So, we packed up the car and set our sights on Arches National Park in Utah. The idea was to get as far away as possible from our daily routine and dive headfirst into nature. Plus, I've been itching to try out my new camera on some real landscape photography, and what better place than Arches, right?

The Drive Through Arizona

The drive itself was an adventure. We wound our way through Arizona, and just outside of Phoenix, we hit our first memorable moment. Out of nowhere, snow started falling. It was the first snow we'd seen in ages, and the girls were over the moon. They couldn't resist jumping out of the car in their pajamas to make snow angels right there on the side of the road. I managed to snap a few quick pics before we all got too cold. It was a spontaneous, magical little break that set the tone for the rest of our trip.

Upon Our Arrival

Finally reaching Arches was something else. The park is famous for its natural stone arches and vast landscapes, and let me tell you, it does not disappoint. I had a field day with my camera. There's something about trying to fit the enormity of these landscapes into a single frame that's just fascinating. I'm pretty happy with a few of the shots I got; they're definitely going up on the wall at home.

The girls surprised us with how well they handled the long drive. They were champs, even when we drove through more snow at night, which I have to admit was not my favorite part. Driving in the snow, in the dark, is just as scary as it sounds. But, looking back, it added to the whole adventure.


Sitting here now, going through my photos and writing this down, I'm struck by how much we all needed this trip. It wasn't just about getting away or taking cool photos; it was about breaking out of our pandemic bubble and remembering what it's like to explore and be surprised by the world. Arches National Park was the perfect destination for us — a reminder of the beauty and vastness out there, waiting to be discovered.

And even though I'm not exactly a pro writer or photographer, capturing these moments and thoughts feels important. Maybe it's just for us to look back on, or maybe it's to share a bit of inspiration with anyone reading this. Either way, I'm grateful for the adventure and the memories we made. Here's to many more.